Women in Fintech: leveraging new technologies to expand access to financial advice

How is technology helping financial advisors do their job better? What does it mean to be “customer-centric” when it comes to financial health? And how does an organization successfully pursue its commitment to financial inclusion? like a company, while simultaneously supporting and reinforcing a commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion in a company?

We spoke with Christina Walls, Chief Marketing Officer of intelliflo, about intelliflo’s evolution into a complete digital investment platform. We also discussed the firm’s determination to help its clients leverage technology to reach more clients from more diverse backgrounds and levels of investment sophistication. Towards the end of our conversation, we talked about the key role of equality in the diversity and inclusion conversation, and what can be done to bring more women into leadership positions in fintech and financial services.

Why was intelliflo created a year ago? What is the strategy behind the company’s combined brand?

Christina Walls: What makes what we do at intelliflo so exciting is how we address the challenges faced by financial advisors around the world by using technology to expand access to advice. That’s why our parent company, Invesco, has consolidated five digital wealth management companies into one API-driven platform – intelliflo – so that we can offer financial advisors a holistic digital platform designed to serve investors. throughout the board life cycle. Our technology provides the digital tools financial advisors need to better serve modern investors and expand access to financial advice.

What was your role in bringing together the five previously separate companies and modernizing the marketing function?

Walls: Validating the opportunity for five companies to come together as a new global brand, culture and market proposition in the US, UK and Australia was the first step. Next, the marketing team created a modern omnichannel marketing function that meets global and local business needs. We focused on training colleagues for new jobs and recruiting talent. We’ve also integrated new processes and a MarTech stack, including CX/EX sales enablement and listening platforms that align with our modern, 360, CX digital experience mindset. /EX compared to traditional marketing funnel acquisition methodology.

Our new global brand is bold, fun and challenges the status quo. The experiences we provide to all consumers of our brand – colleagues, customers or partners – must “feel” different. Every decision we make underpins our purpose and business strategy. The new marketing function has been repositioned from a previously reactive and tactical function to a strategic, commercial and customer-focused partner for the company.

What were your biggest challenges and successes during this project?

Walls: The greatest success is seeing our efforts help advisors grow and improve the financial health of their clients. Advisors are increasingly challenged to accomplish more with fewer resources; they need open, digital, and cloud-based technology to serve customers of all ages and levels of sophistication. With intelliflo, advisors can meet customers where they are, including digital channels, providing a personalized experience with increased collaboration and communication.

Since March 2021, we have seen increases in all marketing metrics. For example, an omnichannel solution campaign resulted in a 73% year-on-year increase in sales in January 2022.

The biggest challenge was planning and executing the launch of a new global brand during the pandemic and creating a new marketing function, a new corporate culture and new relationships virtually. I so appreciate the hard work of all my colleagues at intelliflo, who are passionate, proud and dedicated to our business purpose; without them, we wouldn’t be where we are now.

Why did you help intelliflo evolve from D&I to DEI?

Walls: In today’s world, diversity and inclusion cannot work without equality. Companies that have D&I policies do a great job of recruiting people from diverse backgrounds, welcoming and celebrating those differences, and making them feel included in the organization, but with every evolution comes revolution.

At intelliflo, our culture is based on guarantee all colleague, regardless of origin, race, sex, etc. is inclusive, has an equal share of voice, and is confident to challenge any level of company seniority for the greater good of achieving our business goal – expanding access to financial advice. We all need to focus on equality; it is the essential bridge between diversity and inclusion.

As part of our new employee value proposition and DEI focus, we recently formed a DEI Allies Network. We are committed to educating colleagues and increasing awareness for all colleagues, clients, customers, partners, industries and communities, from the inside out.

In your opinion, what more can be done to support women in fintech?

Walls: Progress has been made, but there is still a lot of work to do. It’s not just about providing a gender metric. For the industry to change, we need to highlight the value that women bring, especially when it comes to diversity of thought. We should increase access to finance for female-led fintechs, hire more women at all levels of the company, expand access to industry professional networks, implement more policies and continue to be accountable. gender equality indicators, such as the pay gap.

Male allies are also important. I am fortunate to have many male allies at both intelliflo and Invesco and I am personally dedicated to continuing the great work that all genders have done to advocate for women and eliminate bias for future generations in order to forge an egalitarian world.

Gender is just one example of equality. Many other traditionally underrepresented groups also need a voice. We must hold each other accountable and hold each other accountable to eradicate these prejudices and promote greater DEI for all.

Photo by George Milton