What’s your best tip for DIY beginners?

Many of us have been there: either a friend or family member has complained about a car repair quote, they don’t want to be bothered about bringing their car in for a certain service, or there is something wrong with his car that he thinks is not worth a shop’s time. Or some other issue that prevents their conduct from being perfectly healthy. But the idea of ​​getting into the DIY world may not be appealing, perhaps because they haven’t been given the right guidance to do so.

“Do it yourself” is what I’ve told my family and friends in the past in these situations. Especially if it’s something simple like a piece of trim that’s falling off or has fallen off or they’re tired of spending a lot of money on oil changes. I often get negative responses, usually in the form of “yes but I have to buy all these tools”, or “I don’t have the time or the space”, or even “I don’t want to break something in the process.”

These are legitimate problems, but nothing is insurmountable. Tools can make your life easier for years to come and often pay for themselves over time. Space can usually be found with a little creativity. And as for breaking things, well, this is just an opportunity to find out more!

I’m not advocating for a beginner to replace a head gasket on their first foray into key turning, bend and flare new brake lines, or even replace a clutch. But there are plenty of car maintenance tasks like oil changes, air filter replacements, and brake work that are accessible to anyone who can follow simple instructions.

My go-to advice is usually some form of “visit Harbor Freight. You can pick up a bunch of basic tools that cover a wide variety of jobs for really cheap, which will then pay for itself over future oil changes. oil.” Then the old “look up the job on YouTube and review it a few times, then when zero hour approaches, take your time to complete it.” I should also add “look for it on TheDrive.com” to my usual prescription.

So, what’s your best advice for beginner DIYers? Let’s keep it general: this could be for someone who might be resistant to it at first, or someone who wants to get into it but needs a bit of guidance and, forgive the 90s reference , Chicken Soup For the Rookie Mechanic’s Soul. Regardless of the reasoning, what should they know and look for?