Weekly recap: interest rate hikes, rebalancing and advice for pre-retirees

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Your guide to getting started with Robo-Investing
Understand the ins and outs of digital advice and check out our top picks.

Top 10 companies to invest in now
Undervalued stocks of high-quality companies are must-have investments today.

Richard Thaler: “We are unable to learn from the past”
Guest speaker at the Morningstar Italy Awards for Investing Excellence 2022, Professor Thaler gives his perspective on the latest developments in behavioral economics and the current market environment.

Shares of this company should benefit from the revolution in the automotive industry
Aptiv, which helps make cars greener and smarter, is now undervalued and trading at a 24% discount.

How much does high inflation really affect retirees?
The answer depends on health costs, social security benefits and your own financial situation.

Why are interest rates rising?
How rising interest rates affect you, borrowing costs and more.

Why You Need Investment and Retirement Policy Statements
Create these two policy statements to keep your plan on track.

What if this turns out to be a terrible time to retire?
Pre-retirees and new retirees concerned about today’s markets can take steps to protect themselves.

TIPS versus I-Bonds
I-Bonds offer tax advantages, but purchase limits reduce their appeal.

Growth equity funds that have remained near the top
These funds managed to stay in the top third of Morningstar’s high-growth category.

Why Investors Should Ignore Invesco QQQ
The composition of the index tracked by QQQ lacks a reasonable investment logic, says the Morningstar analyst.

3 funds that were grilled in 2022
ARK Innovation ETF has been blazed.

Bond funds see positive ETF flows in May
ETF investors are piling into bond portfolios in another rollercoaster month of markets.

Putting recent market volatility into perspective
Stocks were more jittery than usual, but volatility is to be expected.

In-Depth Dividend Stock Analysis: Dividend Growth Stocks
Which companies are well positioned today?

4 undervalued stocks with high dividends
Even if investors are looking for income, these high-quality dividend payers look attractive.

Should Investors Buy Falling Nvidia Stock?
This high-quality, well-run semiconductor giant is a top pick among chipmakers, says the Morningstar analyst.

Vanguard’s other index fund invention
Should Jack Bogle have lamented his subsequent creation?

How many bangs does style rebalancing provide?
Case study: Vanguard growth and value index funds.

Cliff Asness: Value stocks still look like a bargain
AQR’s co-founder on how to deal with low expected returns, the case for alternatives, private equity and “illiquidity reduction”, and more.

Different worlds, same investment style
With varied backgrounds, Pzena Emerging Markets Value managers find common ground: deep value.

What can private market investors learn from the heyday of hedge funds?
Regulation, disclosures and compliance pave the way to the mainstream.

Was Bogle’s Princeton thesis strangely prescient?
Eric Balchunas, senior ETF analyst for Bloomberg Intelligence, describes the Bogle effect and the fortuitous shaping of the Vanguard founder’s career.

This Stanford psychology professor wants to change the way we work
Long-held patterns of how we live, work and retire need to change, says Laura Carstensen.

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