The Undertaker shares advice he gave Brock Lesnar on leaving WWE in 2004

Brock Lesnar has been thrust into stardom since joining WWE and was a mainline event player just months after breaking into the main roster. 20 years later, Lesnar is still one of the best.

The Undertaker appeared on True Geordie for a new interview and during it he spoke about Lesnar’s departure from WWE in 2004. Lesnar left WWE after WrestleMania 20 to try and make it in the NFL before moving on. at MMA. Taker recalled that it was fun working with Lesnar and seeing his rise back then.

“I had a long talk with Brock. He came to see me and was not happy. Brock is not a social person. Happy Cowboy Brock is a little different. He stays alone, hunts and fishes, does all that. It’s a tough life, traveling like we do.

Taker went on to note that it was a different time when they didn’t have private planes and had to go through public airports. He noted that some people in the struggle cannot handle public life.

“I think Brock was at a point where he wanted to do something different. Honestly, I told him…he was thinking of going to play pro football, I said, ‘Brock, you gotta do what’s right for Brock.’ Everyone is going to be pissed that you’re leaving and they’re putting all that money and pushing behind you, but if you’re not going to, you’re going to look back with a what if. I don’t know what influence it had. He ended up leaving. He tried soccer, it didn’t work, he ended up in the UFC. I had no grudges…deep inside I felt like he would come back one day. That’s usually how it works, but I know you can’t live with “what if”. I didn’t have a big problem like most people with it.

You can watch the full interview by clicking on the player below (quotes can be found around 34:30):

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