The Morning Briefing: Twenty7Tec eyes consultancy deal and selects countries

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Twenty7Tec Eyes consulting offer

Mortgage technology solutions provider Twenty7Tec is looking to break into the financial advisory market with plans to acquire an already operational practice management system in the space.

Twenty7Tec is in advanced talks with Bluecoat Software and hopes to reach an agreement in the coming weeks, Money Marketing has learned.

Bluecoat is used by financial advisors and mortgage brokers to process and administer new business.

Screening country

“Russia is currently in the spotlight, but what about other states that have abysmal records on sustainability and human rights? Is it offensive to investors to hold the assets of these nations because their activities have come under scrutiny or because they are committing these atrocities (even when not under media scrutiny) ? »

Sanctions on Russian assets have highlighted investors’ exposure to certain states and raised questions about whether they align with their ESG values, says Gavin Francis, founder and CEO of Worthstone.

quote of the day

There is not yet any “panic” linked to the French election, but we are certainly witnessing increased vigilance on the part of investors who must now integrate this electoral uncertainty with the geopolitical and monetary risks already present.

– Alexandre Baradez, chief market analyst for France at IG Group, comments on the impact of French election risk on the markets.

Stat Attack

Concerns about energy prices and supply chain chaos are growing among businesses.


Of all businesses with 10 or more employees experienced supply chain issues in the past month


Companies with 10 or more employees in manufacturing reported global supply chain disruption in March


Companies said input price inflation was among their top two concerns at the end of March


of businesses said energy prices were among their top two concerns at the end of March

Source: NSO

In other news

The Financial Vulnerability Task Force (FVT) has launched a best practice guide on vulnerable circumstances resulting from the impact of a sudden or unexpected transfer of wealth.

This is set to increase, particularly on the basis of forecasts of intergenerational wealth transfer figures.

The FVT warns that experiencing “sudden wealth” can also put a client in a vulnerable position.

Keith Richards, President of the FVT, said: “It is often forgotten that suddenly receiving a windfall can create enormous challenges for people, especially when they are already vulnerable or unused to handling large sums. silver.”


Prime Minister and German Chancellor to hold talks on reducing dependence on Russian gas (ITV News)

UK hiring growth slows in March due to labor shortages, recruiters say (Reuters)

Rishi Sunak is having his toughest time as chancellor – and it could be about to get worse (Sky News)

Have you seen?

“The way many businesses are run has changed permanently, as employers who previously had no choice now realize exactly what can be achieved through working from home or hybrid working.

“However, there are some caveats when working from home rather than in the office. Inevitably, the gains made by working from home – such as the ability to look after children or save time and money by avoiding travel – are offset by potential health-related issues, as employers have different perceptions of the effectiveness of working from home versus their employees and cybersecurity.

Working from home is here to stay for consulting firms, but employers should be aware of the significant risks it can potentially pose to both employees and the business, says editor Amanda Newman-Smith.