The gift that keeps on giving: Financial advice to celebrate Father’s Day

RADNOR, Pennsylvania, June 15, 2022 – Regardless of your age, you have looked to your parents or guardian for guidance through life’s ups and downs, including the importance of protecting and nurturing your personal finances. According to a recent study by Lincoln Financial Group (NYSE: LNC), young people make financial decisions based on their life experiences. In recognition of Father’s Day, which falls in June during Annuity Awareness Month, Lincoln Financial asked business leaders to share their favorite financial advice – from protection products to savings strategies – from their fathers. or father figures or what they hope to pass on to their children.

  1. Search now for a better future

“As someone who is not digitally savvy, I tell my kids, ‘Don’t be like dad.’ My kids are millennials and Gen Zers thriving in the digital age, so they have the advantage of understanding the value of search — something that baby boomers like me didn’t have the resources for. at their age. As a father, I encourage them to be prepared and do the work by doing their own research into annuity products and how they can help protect their long-term retirement income. ready to buy, they’ll know the best choices,” said Tim Seifert, senior vice president and head of retirement solutions distribution, Lincoln Financial Distributors.

  1. Plan for rainy days

“I was in high school during the financial crisis of 2008, with a sick mother. My father spent the night on our computer going through spreadsheets and the financial impact the crisis would have on our family in the long term. He said: “We have no choice but to end it and start over. The feeling of helplessness that hit many families in 2008 is one of the reasons why I have an annuity that offers protection It’s also why I’m passionate about my job, helping to bring protection and financial security to Americans in need,” said Jacob Hutchinson, regional marketing manager, Lincoln Financial Distributors.

  1. Don’t delay – start saving today

“I’ve always tried to impress my kids to live within their means and start saving early in their careers. Not only does this make it easier to save by making it a habit early on, but the impact of long-term savings will help them achieve the retirement they envision and help ensure they don’t outlive their savings. This is a concern for many working Americans and that’s why we offer retirement plans. retirement with guaranteed income options in the plan, to help our members face the future with confidence, knowing they will receive a monthly check for life,” said Ralph Ferraro, senior vice president, Workplace Solutions Product and Underwriting , Lincoln Financial Group.

“As a father, I try to instill in my children the importance of saving for a better future. Putting aside money they may want to spend on an extra pair of shoes in a savings account. saving will go a long way towards a healthy future. Once wealth is built, an annuity is a more secure opportunity to protect those assets. I showed my son what $100 saved today could become over the next 30 to next 40 years of investing the right and safe way,” said Adam Lalla, Vice President, Competitive Market Solutions, Lincoln Financial Distributors.

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