There will be lots of chocolates and roses bought this weekend, and maybe a few engagement rings accepted. However, before anyone says “yes”, there should be a serious discussion about money, debts, shared financial goals and even prenuptial agreements, says Laurie Campbell, licensed insolvency trustee at Bromwich and Smith. Campbell,Read More →

By Morf Morford Tacoma Daily Index You may have seen the series of Geico commercials on TV with the implied, if not direct, warnings about the (inevitable?) transition we all seem to make when we become parents. Whether it’s relationship or career advice – or almost anything else, young peopleRead More →

Americans are moving for better jobs, lower taxes and happier lives. Distracted by the demands of moving to new homes, schools or work environments, however, they sometimes underestimate the impact that major moves can have on their financial profile, especially when they change state. Although the coronavirus pandemic boosted theRead More →