Birthday today (01/22/22). You are getting stronger this year. Regular self-discipline leads to personal accomplishments. Socializing, parties, and entertainment brighten up winter, before spring sweeps you into home and family fulfilment. Adapt to the professional changes of the summer for an exciting career boost next fall. Aim for the stars.Read More →

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A South Ayrshire pub owner called the latest batch of Covid-19 hospitality guidelines ‘stupid’ after new advice was put in place. Prestwick Golf Inn boss Raymond Cooper has said the Scottish government is “introducing restrictions without giving it much thought” as his family-owned pub has received 60 party cancellations inRead More →

Today’s anniversary (12/18/21). Make valuable connections this year. Disciplined efforts make creative dreams come true. Winter gifts include personal glory, boosting your health, work, and fitness next spring. A restful summer supports you around change, inspiring the fall with renewed hope, faith and purpose. Speak up for a passionate cause.Read More →