In this article, Paul Hogg, Senior Director of Business Development at EV, explores how digital transformation helps consulting firms increase operational efficiency and reap various other benefits. Digital transformation has gone from a buzzword to a compelling business requirement. Changing customer expectations, increasingly complex regulatory requirements, growing competition and pressureRead More →

A few weeks ago, someone tweeted that an entrepreneur whose business had failed offered his services as a consultant to other entrepreneurs. The person who wrote the tweet mocked and protested the entrepreneur who thought he had something to contribute or could advise other entrepreneurs after his personal entrepreneurial experienceRead More →

Today’s anniversary (12/18/21). Make valuable connections this year. Disciplined efforts make creative dreams come true. Winter gifts include personal glory, boosting your health, work, and fitness next spring. A restful summer supports you around change, inspiring the fall with renewed hope, faith and purpose. Speak up for a passionate cause.Read More →

Over the past two decades, Australian governments have committed tremendous energy and resources to transforming schools across our country. The driving force behind many reforms has been a tale of panic and failure, often centered on constant decline of Australian students on the OECD International Student Assessment Program (PISA). WhenRead More →

New Delhi: Small savings plans are one of the best options to help you in times of crisis. If you’re investing wisely or saving disciplined, these are also great options to bail you out through their loan facility. One of these small savings plans is the Public Provident Fund (PPF),Read More →