Sports for children across the county have taken a long hiatus during the coronavirus pandemic, but county supervisor Jim Desmond is trying to rally support around a plan that will bring kids back to the field with less pressure financial support for their parents.

Desmond was joined on Wednesday by youth sports leaders representing Little League, athletics and football calling for $ 10 million in American Rescue Plan Act funds for the waiver of fees for recreational sports for youth.

Aaron Majors of the Skyline Youth Football and Spirit Association said he wouldn’t be where he is today if it weren’t for youth sports, and he doesn’t want student-athletes potentials miss out on promising opportunities.

“And I said what’s the problem?” Majors said, recalling a conversation he had with a child. “My grandmother says I can play or my brother can play, and I don’t want to play if my child can’t play. “And immediately I told him, don’t worry, we’ll find a way for you to play.”

Elizabeth Tate, vice chair of the U.S. Youth Athletics Committee, said communities are at risk of losing the sport if they cannot revive youth sport participation after the pandemic.

“If we start quietly blocking our kids from participating because we don’t have access to athletics and funds, or if we sponsor some of these kids to participate, we’re slowly going to kill our own sport,” Tate said.

The supervisory board will vote on the proposal next Tuesday. The proposal will have to compete with other federal relief fund plans presented by supervisors, such as an event fee elimination plan, a restaurant bill subsidy plan to encourage patrons to eat out, or proposals. focused on public health or essential workers.

In March, San Diego County called on residents to participate in the decision-making about $ 647 million going to the county.

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