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A lot stray kids followers watch as much as Bang Chan, as he often uses his platform to debate any points they might have. He recently provided a simple recommendation to a fan, but that was what a lot of people wanted to listen to.

During ep. 157 of his show “Chan’s Room”, a fan asked Bang Chan if they needed cosmetic surgery.

He answered the question carefully. Fans usually look for recommendations from the Stray Kids leader due to his strong emotional understanding, but he decided whether or not to give a direct answer. In the end, it’s the fan resolution. He said it was not up to him to tell anyone what to do.

Bang Chan assured that fans know they should do whatever they need to do regarding cosmetic surgery.

Getting the cosmetic surgery is a very private solution, so Bang Chan made sure to say whether or not the fan receives a process, “I’m pretty sure you’ll look amazing anyway.”

While cosmetic surgery is usually a difficult question to deal with, one fan was completely happy that he didn’t give her the usual answer of “don’t change yourself.” Instead, he upheld the respect to take his personal resolution on the matter.

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He added to have no fear and said: “Do what your heart tells you to do.”

The recommendation he could confidently provide is that whatever you choose to do, strive not to regret it because it’s already been done.

He provided the expression of the important thing, “Live a life without regrets” like a great quote to live by.

Living without regrets is easier said than done. This is the recommendation that Bang Chan must also take for himself. He wants to live without regrets, but he always has them. He is human, despite everything.

He even recently called himself grumpy after giving an emotional speech to fans. You can review it here.

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