Special advice issued by Transport For Wales for passengers planning to travel in extreme heat

Transport for Wales (TFW)

Experts have warned of a “potentially very serious situation” in parts of the country, and conditions are expected to make travel by road and rail difficult.

Temperatures are expected to soar into the mid-thirties, possibly even exceeding the UK record of 38.7C (101.7F), set in Cambridge in 2019.

TFW and Network Rail advise customers to check before traveling on public transport with the hot weather likely to cause disruption.

Temporary speed restrictions will be put in place across the entire rail network to reduce the risk of tracks overheating, leading to increased journey times and short-term schedule changes.

TFW has provided five tips for staying cool during hot weather rides:

“Seek the shadow – Many of our resorts have a cover that provides shade, or even indoor space to escape the scorching heat. Staying out of direct sunlight is essential to staying cool and well during your travels.

Bring a hand fan – Investing in a cheap portable fan can be a great way to stay cool on trains or buses. We will put the air conditioning on as much as possible. However, in extremely hot weather, it can still get very hot in the cars. You can also open the windows of most buses and trains to ensure that a draft circulates throughout the vehicle.

Stay hydrated – Be sure to carry an appropriate amount of water with you to stay hydrated, especially if you are traveling on a longer route. At least one liter is recommended. However, try to avoid swallowing a lot of cold water. Instead, take regular sips to help regulate your body temperature.

Tip: Add ice to your bottle or freeze it overnight for an extra chill. Free water refill points are available at Llandudno, Machynlleth and Cardiff Central stations.

Wear appropriate clothing – Being inside a bus or train with lots of people, you don’t want to be overdressed. Be sure to dress light, with no heavy materials. It is better to opt for lighter colors because dark colors absorb heat from the sun and will make you feel warmer.

Also, avoid fabrics like polyester as much as possible, opting for cotton or linen instead. These will keep your skin shaded and protected from sun damage.

Avoid peak hours – Where possible, try to leave a bit later or earlier to avoid the busiest journey times on the network. Fewer people means less heat.”

Jo Foxall, Director of Customer Engagement at Transport for Wales, said: “Looking after the well-being of our customers so they can still travel when they need to in hot weather is high on the agenda. of the transportation industry over the next week.

“Take a look at your travel options on the Traveline Cymru travel card to spend less time in the hot sun, keep an eye out for disruptions and save 0800 464 0000 on your phones if you need advice of travel while on the go could help make your journey smoother.

Colin Lea, Director of Planning and Performance for Transport for Wales, said: “We continue to see very strong demand for our rail services, particularly during periods of good weather. All available wagons are in service and where possible we provide additional road transport.

“It is now more important than ever to plan ahead using information from our new website, our recently updated app or our social media channels. Passengers should consider whether they want to travel on trains that are likely to be full and at a standstill, and use our capacity checker – an online tool that allows customers to see which trains are likely to have the most capacity. ‘available space.