Saved by the Bell Actress Josie Totah Reveals the Best Beauty Tips She’s Ever Received

She plays in a hit TV show (Peacock’s saved by the bell) and is about to graduate from college. But right now, on the set of her PEOPLE Beautiful Issue shoot, Josie Totah is talking about… eyebrows!

“I am so glad the thin brow trend is over,” she tells PEOPLE. “I am an Arab woman. I wake up every day and have bushy eyebrows!” She says she takes care of hers with what she calls a “soap brush.”

“Yeah, that’s a thing,” she laughs. “It’s a really big thing. It’s where you take an eyebrow brush or a spoolie and you put it in a bar of soap and then you push your eyebrows out and that’s what makes them bushy. Yeah. ” She pauses. “By the way, I did do not invent that. I’m going to be sued for claiming I made this up!”

Josie Totah pictured at Dust Studios in Los Angeles, California on April 9, 2022.

Sami Drassin

TikTok beauty trends aside, Totah says the best beauty advice she’s ever received came from her mom. “Growing up, my mom used to tell me, ‘If you don’t think you’re sexy, nobody will. Everything revolves around you. And I was like… ‘Shit.'”

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“I learned that you are what make you desirable and attractive. And that really changed the game for me. And it made me realize that it doesn’t matter if I have lips or lip liner, or if I’m wearing makeup. It is me — it is my soul that makes me beautiful. And I have to keep reminding myself of that.”

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