Samuel L Jackson had R-Rated advice for the superhero actor

By Britta DeVore | 22 seconds ago

Images from the movie Iron Man 2

Jurnee Smollett knows how to choose a good project. In recent years, the actress has appeared in hits, including the HBO series Lovecraft Country and can currently be spotted in Netflix’s psychological thriller, spider head. To say her talent has landed her some great projects would be an understatement, but even the brightest star gets a little nervous at times and that’s exactly what happened to Smollett when she was cast. Birds of prey. In the Harley Quinn-centric DC production, Smollett stars as Black Canary kicking ass, something she described as both “an honor” and “tough.” For advice on how to proceed, she phoned one of her friends and peers, Samuel L Jackson.

Samuel L Jackson has been in the movie industry for a long time and held the role of Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for over a decade, making him the man who tells it like it is. Not to mention he’s one of the biggest action stars of the era, appearing in a slew of high-octane films from pulp Fiction to the Star Wars franchise, Unbreakable, and more. So when Smollett asked her friend for some helpful words on how to properly conquer the role of Black Canary, what did Jackson say? The exact quote Smollett gave during his interview with The Hollywood Reporter was, “Baby, piss on your territory.”

The man, the myth, the legend. Truly an incredible response, further cementing Samuel L. Jackson as one of the most badass actors in all of Hollywood. It also ties him more to his character of pulp Fiction, Jules, who tried his hand at diffusing a death-defying situation by saying “Bitch be cool.” It is with this relaxed attitude that it makes perfect sense to turn to the Django Unchained actor in times of doubt and uncertainty about performance.

jurnee smollett black canary justice league 2
Jurnee Smollett in Birds of prey (2019)

Longtime MCU member Samuel L. Jackson made his SHIELD directorial debut as Nick Fury in 2008. Iron Man. Since then, he’s appeared in a bunch of comic books that have become film franchise productions over the years, from iron man 2 at Captain America: The First Avenger and Captain Marvel. It was even Nick Fury’s plot in 2012 The Avengers be the first to assemble the superhero party. In short, he’s a damn important member of the franchise and a great guy to have by your side as you dive into the world of superhero movies, even if it’s the rival universe.

And with Samuel L Jackson’s guidance paired with his incredible talent, Jurnee Smollett was able to step into the role of the beloved character and do fans some good. She credits her conversation with Jackson as well as her proper research of the character’s place in the DCEU as the reason for such a successful performance as Black Canary. We could all use a Samuel L Jackson mentor in our lives. Someone who isn’t afraid to pump us up and tell us to do the job while taking ownership of it.