Professional mortgage advice that leads to a mortgage plan tailored to you!

TORONTO, ON/ACCESSWIRE/August 18, 2022/ Just Google the search terms mortgage rates and you’ll get a long list of banks and lenders that will quote you exactly what you’re looking for. If, however, you’re looking to build wealth, lower your payments, or reduce your mortgage by a decade so you can retire earlier, then you need a personalized mortgage plan designed just for you!

A professional mortgage plan will consider your goals, dreams and desires and match them with your current income, savings and credit to find you the right mortgage product. Banks will never advise you on another bank’s product. On the other hand, a mortgage broker will be happy to offer you all the banking products available because they are authorized to do so.

At DLC Clear Trust Mortgage – Eng and Associates you can get your pick of banking products as they send hundreds of millions of mortgage business to their lenders. In fact, in 2021 alone, they’ve done over $2 billion in residential and commercial mortgages across Canada. Their origination volumes create leverage for the borrower so they can get the best lenders and products for their clients.

What does this mean to you? This means better mortgage solutions, as DLC Clear Trust Mortgage – Eng and Associates has a proven track record of helping borrowers buy more property to build wealth or lower their mortgage payment. In fact, the experts can lower your monthly mortgage payment to 35 years, or maybe help you pay off your mortgage over another 10 years.

DLC Clear Trust Mortgage – Eng and Associates is one of Canada’s leading financial planning firms, specializing in helping all types of clients from first time home buyers to senior citizens to homeowners. low-income business, to get the right mortgage financing, no matter their complex situation. . The owner has generated over $100 million in residential and commercial mortgages and is expected to generate another hundred million in a few years.

Due to DLC Clear Trust Mortgage – Eng and Associates’ relationships with many major lending institutions, they can provide customized solutions that help clients achieve their real estate goals and build wealth. Their expertise in mortgages and financing is so effective that they can offer you a personalized solution in just 30 minutes or less! In addition to this, the company also offers different financing options to purchase additional properties or expand their residential or commercial real estate portfolio. Their range of solutions is so wide that the company can even help young buyers finance a house with the help of their parents.

We approached Dennis Eng, the owner of DLC Clear Trust Mortgage – Eng and Associates, for more information about their services. He told us, “We work with each client individually to resolve their issues and provide a financially sensible and cost-effective solution. We use a quote process to provide at least 2 lender solutions to the problem, outlining borrowing terms and restrictions. , and showing them our advice in terms of dollar savings and loan amounts.”

Dennis went on to say, “Not every lender or banking representative can and will not showcase lending solutions from other institutions. Due to our mortgage expertise and immense deal flow experience , we can provide a solution in 30 minutes or less As each borrowing situation is unique I provide a tailored and personalized loan solution for each borrower Knowing the borrower’s goals is the most important part for us in the process.”

Perhaps the most important aspect of the good advice we mentioned earlier is access to a range of options. Without a company you can count on to show you the ropes and provide viable options, you would find yourself stumbling through the mortgage market towards financing that not only eats up your funds, but also exposes you to heavy debt at a later date. the future. This is obviously not what anyone would want.

Instead, by enlisting the help of proven mortgage professionals, you can learn and understand all of the possible mortgage solutions available and determine for yourself which financing is best for your needs. To take the hassle and stress out of the mortgage financing process, contact the trusted financing experts at DLC Clear Trust Mortgage – Eng and Associates today for advice and financing options that are sure to make money. waves in your life.


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