President Joe Biden’s Dating Advice to a Teenager Called Creepy

US President Joe Biden’s dating advice to a teenage girl has gone viral with netizens calling the incident ‘scary’.

The 79-year-old gave the girl unsolicited dating advice as he stood in a large crowd. A photoshoot was in progress and Biden stood behind the teenager. Biden grabbed the teenager by the shoulder and said, “Now, very important, I told my daughters and granddaughters, no serious guys until their thirties.”

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Joe Biden Dating Advice

Journalist Kalen D’Almeida took the video and shared on social media. He wrote that the teenager “looks back, looks uncomfortable”. The reporter also added that the Secret Service tried to stop him from filming after Biden spoke at Irvine Valley Community College.

The Secret Service can be seen asking D’Almeida to stop the recording. The teenager responded to the advice and said: ‘Okay, I’ll keep that in mind’.

In other tweets, D’Almeida informed that he took the video of himself with President Biden after his speech during a meet and greet session.

The incident reportedly took place as Biden posed for photos after remarking on the government’s plans to curb inflation and lower drug costs on Oct. 14.

Netizens called the incident “scary” and “inappropriate”. The video was posted on October 15. It quickly went viral on social media and was viewed over 5.5 million times in two days. The video was retweeted almost 17,000 times and received nearly 5,000 quote tweets.

A user wondered if the Secret Service was there to protect Biden or his reputation. Another noted the manager who was “trying to get the guy (D’Almeida) to stop recording…”

An user wrote“Beyond disagree…she’s clearly uncomfortable, and it’s just inappropriate for anyone in that kind of position to joke around.”

Another said: “Raw. As he placed his hands on her shoulders inappropriately and pulled her close to deliver a chilling message.

The viral video has internet users divided as many described it as scary, while others said the teenager was not uncomfortable.