National Review’s John Fund offers Steve Bannon free advice on how to more effectively undermine election results

On Monday, prominent conservative writer and former Wall Street Journal editorial board member John Fund appeared with former Trump adviser and far-right provocateur Steve Bannon to discuss the virtually non-existent threat of fraud. electoral mass in the American elections. The very fact that this interview took place should make it clear that established conservative media voices such as Fund simply represent the most respectable face of outright pro-insurgency rhetoric pushed by Bannon and others in the post era. -Trump, as they each pursue the common goal of destroying American democracy.

In Monday’s edition of Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic podcast, Bannon asked Fund what his audience should do to “ensure we have a free and fair election” in November and to “achieve the victory that we know our votes are going to represent.”

The Fund responded by urging Bannon’s public to train to become election workers at local polling stations — an effort Bannon has already organized for, urging his followers to become an “army of the awakened.” According to Fund, the Trump campaign made a mistake in 2020 by only challenging votes after Election Day, rather than before.

In fact, Trump and his right-wing media allies waged a months-long propaganda campaign against mail-in ballots in the run-up to the 2020 election that culminated in a public effort to invalidate massive amounts of votes to keep Trump in office after losing the election. But according to Fund, these pre-election efforts should have been even more comprehensive.

The most telling fact, however, is that someone like Fund, a long-time part of conservative discourse, would appear with Bannon.