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Last year our daughter got married and this year my son got married. I officiated the ceremony for both of them, which was a wonderful experience.

I have already shared the advice I gathered for my daughter’s marriage, and now I will share with you the advice I gathered for my son and his wife. I asked several people who knew this couple to share their marriage advice and pearls of wisdom.

This was later given to them as a wedding present.

I think it’s very important to hear the advice of seasoned and successful mentors who have “I went there and did that.” I hope you find the tips and tricks below helpful in your own relationship!

* Stand firm in enhancing another’s God-gift by assuming the other’s best intentions.

* Consider the value of the battle before engaging.

* Marriage is an incredible experience of ups and downs that you share and choose to spend the rest of your life with. Being married for 22 years this year, we referred to this truth-Love is a decision.

* Your feelings come and go, but deciding to love your spouse and give of yourself will help strengthen your marriage.

Good communication, but also biting your tongue, praying for your spouse and deciding what battles are worth fighting will make the difference over the years.

* Have fun with your spouse, laugh a lot, create memories together. Pray together and for each other, “don’t go to bed angry” are all tips we try to follow.

* Surround yourself with supportive people. Find something that you both enjoy doing together, but are also willing to do on your own. It always makes the time back together refreshing.

* Remember that your spouse is your life partner and your best friend! Always treat yourself this way in your thoughts, words and actions.

* Remember: Your spouse may not always be right, but they still matter. “I told you” is never really as valid as “I love you so much”.

* Keep dating for the rest of your life.

* Do you remember all those simple, sweet, fun and interesting things you did to get to know yourself? Keep doing this same stuff……Always.

* Finding was to slow down and just “be” together.

* Communicate, both orally and listening.

* Seek to understand your spouse’s point of view and respect it.

* When you tend to be grumpy or quarrelsome, check in with yourself to see if you’re hungry and/or tired.

* Set an evening curfew after which finances will no longer be discussed.

* Take lots of photos of yourself doing fun and adventurous activities.

* Whoever shouts in a disagreement loses and the other person can walk away.

* It’s okay to go to bed angry or upset with the other person. Who wants to stay up all night fidgeting and bickering with no resolution? Better to sleep one night and tackle it the next morning.

* It’s OK to have separate or individual interests/hobbies with friends who aren’t interested in each other. That is, golf, hunting, fishing, gardening, reading. But of course, also have interests/hobbies that you can share together.

* Compliment each other’s good work, habits, decisions, contribution and appearance. Say “Thanks”, “please”, “if it does not bother you”. One works harder to please or do a good job if they are appreciated. Never take each other for granted.

* Always keep humor and laughter alive

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