Morning routines are overdone. Instead, follow Salvador Dalí’s advice. | by Eric Sangerma | Jan 2022

This world is far too busy, and everything in it encourages self-centeredness. But real self-knowledge? It’s not exactly a top priority. We don’t spend a lot of time becoming Ourselves.

Instead of trying to set a routine, try to pay attention to what and when you need it.

Spending time alone in the morning is always important – everyone deserves this little slice of peace and quiet. But your actions shouldn’t count too much.

Don’t worry about yoga, a healthy breakfast, or morning affirmations.

Instead, pay attention to this:

1. Appreciate your surroundings instead of looking at your phone

Checking your phone in the morning is always a mistake.

It draws your attention to the latest emergency in the workplace and keeps you from spending time alone with your thoughts.

Work, friends, news from the world on fire: anything can wait until you are showered and dressed.

Why not look out the window for a change. You might get lucky and watch the sunrise.

Or, if you have kids, spend some time watching them sleep before the morning chaos ensues. He always puts a smile on my face.

2. Linger in bed sometimes.

The vast majority of productivity articles tell us not to stay in bed when you wake up.

They’re right ! When I start the day too comfortably and comfortably, it’s harder to get things done. My mind takes longer to start.

But… well, life isn’t all about productivity, is it? It is also a matter of romance, comfort and daydreams.

To be too much strict about jumping out of bed can actually kill your creativity.

So I let myself go sometimes, and I try to make the most when I do. I let my thoughts wander and appreciate the chance I have.

Important: It’s one thing to choose to stay in bed sometimes. But if you are chronically unable to get out of bed, you may have dysania. This is a side effect of severe depression, and it’s worth checking out.

3. Avoid inconsequential decisions.

Mark Zuckerberg would have always wears the same type of shirt because he wants to “make as few decisions as possible about everything except how best to serve this community.”

If you ask me, Mark Zuckerberg is a boring windbreaker. But he is not wrong about this in particular.

Having to make a bunch of little decisions in the morning is a bad idea because it wastes our potential.

Studies show there is a constant difference in how we make choices in the morning versus later in the day. We put more thought and attention into the decisions we make in the morning. In the afternoon and evening we are more impulsive and don’t overthink things.

That’s why you should leave most of your trivial decisions for later today.

But if you have a big dilemma, open your eyes in the morning and make a choice. Don’t question yourself after that.