Life tips for turning 30

Turning 30 marks the beginning of pure adulthood. Gone are the days of making the same questionable choices since our 20s, and our stupid teenage years are even more of a relic of the past. This is when Mother Nature says, “I’m not kidding, it’s time to take some things seriously.” Like, for real.

With friend groups shrinking and growing in size, not to mention major shifts in careers or lifestyles, the fourth decade can feel a bit overwhelming. Especially since there’s still the misconception that somehow, like magic, you’ll have it all figured out by that 30th birthday. And if not, it’s too late. Talk about pressure.

In truth, we are still figuring things out and moving forward. Thirties are no different. But it helps to navigate this new territory with knowledge. Luckily, the internet is a great place to crowdsource this stuff.

A Reddit user (possibly a brave 29-year-old) recently asked the online forum, “What’s your advice for someone entering their 30s?”

People gave amazing answers. Unsurprisingly, health (of all kinds) was a popular topic. But there were also plenty of unexpected gems, especially when it came to dealing with the “hard stuff.” Our 30s can be tough, but with them come their own special rewards.

Check out these 14 pieces of wisdom. Even if you’re well into your thirties – or beyond – they offer valuable reminders.


Life is not over. Not yet married and want to be??? There is still time to find a decent partner, and your experience and maturity can help you.” – @Bakanasharkyblahaj


“Friends will make children and settle down – be sure to visit them and don’t be afraid of play dates and birthday parties.– @theteenyemperor


You should have started planning for your 50s about 5 years ago. Go for it. And by planning, I’m not just talking about retirement. Retirement of course, but also getting to know yourself and knowing what you want to do with your life. You need to be honest with yourself, find out what REALLY matters to you, and start working towards it. Get rid of the stupid notions you had when you were a teenager. Find your balance between spiritual and material things. Let’s not talk about religion, but about social ties, feelings, experiences. Friends and family are important, as are material comforts.” – @robervalladraodeChoc


Don’t worry if you haven’t reached your life goals yet or decided what career you want, it will happen soon. I didn’t start college (nursing school) until my early thirties. I spent a few years traveling the world first.– @I-stop-pucks


I hate to be the one to talk about this, but start mentally preparing yourself for the inevitable major loss events that will soon start piling up in your life. If you don’t have a healthy view of death, start working on it as soon as possible. Consult a therapist if necessary. The loss of your parents is the first big one for most.– @Captainmikkl


If your group of friends hasn’t dwindled yet, get ready. Don’t take it personally. Some people just don’t have the energy to go out as much as they used to and others enter different phases of their lives like moving house, changing careers or even having children for whatever reason..” – @Drrodeze


If you continue in ten years, you can do the 40s.– @Theymakemewearpants


Stretch. Hydrate. Start accumulating money.– @Sea-type694


If you have unresolved issues or find yourself ruminating on things that happened years ago, see a therapist.– @noodlefishmonkey


Enjoy. When I turned 30, I became confident enough to stop auditioning what I wanted to say in my head first in case it sounded stupid and just say it. Life just got a whole lot more fun.– @Markedmo


“Take care of your teeth. By the time you are in your thirties, tooth decay starts to be a problem. Brush and floss regularly. Go to the dentist twice a year. Stay on top of this. It’s easier to deal with tooth decay problems early on, before they become a crisis.” – @Hyndis


Enjoy! Too many people treat their 30s as if their life is over, but in reality they can look a lot like your 20s – just with more money and experience, and ideally less worried about what other people think of you. . Pandemic aside, I’ve loved my 30s so far (38 now). Never had more fun.” – @Zenstation83


Start taking care of yourself and make it a habit. Coming into your late thirties and realizing you’re gaining weight, your back hurts, and you can’t run 100 feet without getting out of breath sucks. If you work in an office, just make the gym a regular routine and be sure to stretch.” – @Devrij68


“Things get harder as they get easier. But you are able to handle it and you have the experience and knowledge to continue where it would have happened to you in your twenties would have been abysmal. You will get through these years of finding what makes you happy, realizing you’ve probably been pursuing the wrong thing Be ready to pivot, reboot, readjust, and be open and connect with those around you as you go. go through your joys and your challenges.This is a decade of transformation. – @Orbax