Know where you are: Parkland Ambulance with tips ahead of camping season

The first thing Karasiuk wants people to keep in mind is where they are. If you end up needing emergency services while camping, knowing your exact location could be absolutely vital.

“Make sure you know where you are and know how to give specific instructions to the person you’re talking to on the other end of the line when calling for help,” Karasiuk said. “It’s so important.”

Another thing Karasiuk wanted people to know is that while carrying a first aid kit on a hike can add weight to your pack, it’s crucial to keep one close by. .

“First aid kits don’t have to be big and bulky,” Karasiuk said. “Obviously if you have a caravan or the cabin or something where you can store a much larger container that’s fine. But a lot of people pack because of the space, and if you’re on a canoe , what you take, you have to carry.Most important is something to control bleeding, gauze, maybe a commercial tourniquet.

Slips, trips, falls or something falling on you are all hazards in nature, so Karasiuk encouraged people to have something to deal with broken bones.

“A commercial and compact splint,” Karasiuk said. “And your usual first aid kit with tweezers, bandages, ointment. Don’t forget things like sunscreen, insect repellent, and if you’re in the woods or at a distance, bear spray at the in case you also encounter one of these creatures.

Karasiuk added that when it comes to ax injuries, foot injuries are the most common because people miss the wood or the ax turns away and momentum knocks it down.


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