Kejriwal’s advice to MPs – will tolerate anything but corruption

After the expansion of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government cabinet in Punjab, AAP National Officer and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann and Co-Head of Punjab Affairs Raghav Chadha held a meeting with all their MPs from Punjab on Sunday. Kejriwal attended the meeting via video conference and addressed the MPs and explained the party’s goals and working methods. Addressing the AAP MPs, Kejriwal said that after winning elections in four states, the new BJP chief ministers have not been sworn in let alone any work of the people. Our Bhagwant Mann saheb became the chief minister and also made many historic decisions for the people. CM Mann has done a tremendous job for the people of Punjab over the past three days. At his first cabinet meeting, 25,000 government jobs were announced for the youths of Punjab, which raised hopes among the people.

Kejriwal said that I am not congratulating all my MPs and Ministers in Punjab, I wish them all the best, so that they can serve the public with full dedication and live up to the expectations of the people. On many senior MPs who will not become ministers under the cabinet expansion, Kejriwal said MPs who do not receive ministers should not underestimate themselves. They are all special to me. The people of Punjab elected 92 diamonds from the Aam Aadmi party and sent them to the assembly. Do such a good job for the people in your constituency that the people themselves would give you love and prestige. Kejriwal said all MP-ministers must work as a team under Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann. The Prime Minister will give work objectives to all ministers. Everyone must achieve these goals. If a minister repeatedly fails to achieve his goal, he will be replaced. Kejriwal said that instead of staying in Chandigarh, all MPs should travel to villages and mohallas in their constituencies with AAP workers and community leaders. Listen to people’s problems and work for them. I am with you as your older brother and will always be your guide.

Giving advice to all MPs and ministers, he said the most important thing for us is to work honestly. I will tolerate everything, but I will not tolerate corruption and theft of public money. Kejriwal said the people of Punjab gave us the historical majority to work, not to earn money. People chose us after they were tired of the theft and corruption of Congress-Akali leaders. We must work honestly so that people always choose us. Don’t do anything that might upset the public. In ordering MPs to stay away from police transfers, Kejriwal said they should go to the DC office to get people’s jobs done, but not for transfers. If anyone did this, strict action would be taken against them. If an officer is not working or listening to you, report it to the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister will take action or make the transfer. Under the previous government, corruption was rampant in the transfers. We must eliminate it and make the system fair and free from corruption. If a deputy minister has not achieved his goal, he will have a better chance of getting the job done, but if he is corrupt, there will be no second chance.

Kejriwal advised MPs not to misbehave with the police administration, teachers and government employees. Treat everyone with love. These government teachers brought the education revolution to Delhi. You now have the power of the pen. Therefore, not by intimidation, using the power of the pen, suppress the unrest of the police-administration. We need to work with these government workers and change the system by creating an environment free of fear and corruption. Addressing AAP MPs, Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann said we must use the huge majority given to us. by the people of Punjab for the good of the people. People have chosen us to work with. The people of Punjab were fed up with the Congress-SAD-BJP corruption and mafia. That is why the great pillars of the rival parties were defeated by the people and our ordinary candidates won with an overwhelming majority. We must understand the meaning of this victory and work for the people and bring Punjab to the path of progress.

CM Mann said that people made me chief minister and gave me a green pen to solve their problems. We have used this green pen from day one to solve the problems of unemployed young people. Also in the future, this enclosure will be used for people’s sustenance and comfort. We will publish notification of the 25,000 government jobs we announced at our first cabinet meeting within 25 days. Appealing to all MPs, Mann said don’t wrongly recommend anyone for the job, it takes away the rights of deserving young people. There may be thousands of qualified people you don’t have access to, but who have the qualifications for the job. Our government was formed to protect the rights of the people, not to take them away. Mann said people expect a lot from us, so treat everyone with love, don’t misbehave with anyone. People from all sections voted for us, whether they were farmers, young people, business owners, lawyers or government employees. Everyone came together to form the government of the Aam Aadmi party. So listen to people without discrimination and solve their problems.

Mann warned MPs that the performance of AAP MPs in Delhi is under scrutiny. All deputies whose investigation report is negative, their tickets are cut. In the Delhi Assembly elections held in 2020, the tickets of 22 of these MPs were cut. Such inquiries will also be conducted on the work of MPs in Punjab. Thus, all MPs should open a permanent office in their constituency and be present there. Listen to people’s problems and try to solve them in time. Whatever time you allow people to meet, in any case be there at the time. Understand the value of your own time and respect the time of others as well. If you want to secure your place next time, just do your job and do other people’s jobs. Always stay in your constituency and listen to people’s problems. Mann said our goal is to win the race and the touchpoint of this race means Rangla Punjab. Rangala Punjab means Punjab of the dreams of the gurus, Punjab of the dreams of the martyrs, Punjab of the writer-poets. Referring to a statement by Nelson Mandela, Mann said that a leader is one who stands behind in times of public happiness and in front in times of sadness. We should also put people’s happiness before our own.