Karren Brady’s career advice for having an awkward conversation with a colleague

APPRENTICE star and West Ham United Vice-Chairman Karren Brady answers your career questions and meets an inspiring CEO.

Here she gives a reader tips for having an awkward conversation with a former colleague who joined your office.


Karren Brady, Baroness Brady, CBE is a British business executive and television personality

Q) I once shared a story about an embarrassing incident that happened to a former co-worker at a Christmas party, and now that person has gotten a job at my current office in a managerial position – although he not be my direct superior – which is really embarrassing!

It won’t take long for my co-workers to say he was the person in the story, as he has a very distinctive name (I’m more of a fool for leaking it!).

I’m sure everyone is professional enough not to openly tease him in the office, but sometimes we go for after-work drinks together and I’d be mortified if he heard any gossip about her.

Do you think I should say something to warn him, or just hope that my colleagues can be more discreet than me?

Nicholas, by e-mail

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A) You chatted about your former colleague for a laugh, not thinking it would ever come back to haunt you…and now it does.

You must therefore take control of the situation and make it your own.

Take your colleague aside and be honest.

Explain that you have told some of your new colleagues about the incident and that you are truly sorry.

Now you can only be genuine and sorry, and hope he forgives you.

Giving him a head held high also gives him the chance to deal with the problem head-on rather than being in the dark and feeling potentially betrayed.

Also, since he’s in a leadership position, it’s only fair that he be aware that some of his reports have heard the story, and then he can decide for himself how to handle it.

Your conversation will probably be uncomfortable, but you should approach it as soon as possible.

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