How to grow your business with Twitter: helpful tips and advice

Entrepreneurship can be complicated. There are so many details to know. The most important thing is simply to educate yourself on how to use the available tools to your advantage. Take Twitter for example. It’s a great platform to be seen and heard. But success requires understanding and developing a strategy to help you along the way.

Check out these awesome tips and tricks to help you on this difficult path.

Profile with style

We all understand how valuable a great profile is. After all, when someone is interested in you or your business, it’s honestly the first place they go to search. When people go there and don’t see any precious details or boring images, they probably won’t stick around.

So don’t take that risk!

You have what is called a banner photo. It’s like a headliner. Use something engaging and bold here. It should represent your business using corporate color schemes and fonts. You can also put quotes or your mission here. Just make it visually appealing.

The banner is the best imaging area for total creativity. Images, colors, engagement, and more – all packed into that one sweet spot in your profile header.

Of course, you should also have a profile picture. You can make it personal if you’re an individual, or you can make it professional. It’s your call. However, make sure it is a high quality image.

Finally, part of your profile is your Twitter handle. This is ultimately your account name. In most cases, you will probably use your business name. However, you can use something directly related to your business if you prefer. Just make it relevant.

Know when to spend

There are tons of different ways to spend money and help grow your business. You have to be smart to do that. Don’t just throw a bunch of dollars at ads and boosts hoping that’s the only way to go.

These tools can certainly be useful. They have a time and a place, especially if you know how to strategize for the best results.

However, there are other logical ways to invest and grow here. Consider a resource to buy likes for your posts. The same services often have the choice of buying subscribers and fans. If you buy I love Twitter cheap for your very affordable posts, you’ll find it’s a great instant way to add new, true admirers to your base.

Do some research on your options and determine which company is the most reliable and will provide effective results for your business needs.

Congratulations on your engagement

Ok – so maybe it really isn’t that kind of commitment. BUT you get the idea, don’t you? It’s extremely important, and when you have an activity to respond to, it’s something you can celebrate. When people like, retweet, or follow, you know you’re doing something right.

Some people forget to acknowledge their loyal fans when they achieve great statuses. Don’t be that kind of business. Your followers deserve recognition. Although you may reach a point where you can no longer respond to everything, you should be able to make time to interact with people. After all, they took the time to interact with you.

Oh, and if we’re being honest, your success depends on people noticing you and then communicating or interacting with you in a meaningful way.

Why did you tweet that?

For a moment, let’s be real. Develop a social media platform has tons of benefits. It also has its drawbacks. If you get it wrong, it can be very difficult to get over it. Think how quickly a terrible tweet can go around the world.

The same goes for a really good post. So before you hit that “send” button, think about it. Will it appeal to potential customers? Will it impress the people you want to support your business?

Everything you post should have these qualities.

  • Value
  • Goal
  • Validity
  • Link

One unique thing about Twitter is that it was built for conversation. It has changed a lot since its first evolution, but it still has that connotation behind it. You want to start a conversation with your message.

If possible, always add some sort of call to action or question. It will drive the conversation if you do it right.

Evaluate success

Now, here’s just a harder truth for you. Just because you get a like or comment doesn’t mean your post was a total success. These metrics can be great, and that might be what you’re looking for.

But the fact is, there are other ways to measure success and know when you need to make a change. Like any other social network, Twitter offers analytics tools that can really help you. It’s called Twitter analytics, and you’ll easily find it on your profile dashboard.

Check out all the details based on the goals you set for yourself. One of the big things to watch out for are likes or followers. However, you want to know which of these will eventually result in conversions. You can track who and when and use that to determine if you need to make any changes to your policies.

There are also other tools. Use what is readily available. Planners can be very useful because you just have to prepare everything and let this tool do the work.

Develop a strategy for success

Finally, you need to take the time to strategize. Whether you choose to hire a media management company or go it alone, there has to be a plan. This is the most effective way to set finish lines and then measure whether or not you win the race.

Strategizing should be strongly focused on what you want to accomplish and who you want to reach in the process. Don’t be generic here. Take the time to assess the demographic group you are thinking of appealing to.

For example, a men’s deodorant company might capture the attention of men between the ages of 25 and 55. This is just one example. Define demographics, customer type, and then plan based on those details.

Some strategies even go so far as to determine what types of posts you will create and when you will post them. Maybe you use Fridays for humor and Tuesdays for education or something. You get the picture, right?

Make your strategy something that makes sense. You need a workable idea here. What’s really cool is that you create a basic guideline. So you always have full control over what you stream and how you choose to stream it.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, you deserve to succeed. If you want something to grow, you have to nurture it. You can just set it and then forget it. Take the time to really nurture your business and use the tips to help you find yours Hit.

When you consider the details and take advantage of simple solutions, you see major differences. The end goal is to be authentic and to be seen in your own way.