Highland Council issues advice amid uncertainty surrounding strikes

Garbage collections are expected to be affected by the strike which begins on Wednesday.

Highland Council has issued an update on household waste and business customers amid the impending strike which could see unemptied bins, uncleared streets and closed recycling centers.

The advice from the council says households and businesses should still take out their bins before 7am, as the uncertainty surrounding the strike means some staff will still be at work on collection days.

In a nationwide action in local authorities across Scotland, GMB and Unite members have decided to forfeit their pay after a 3 per cent offer was rejected and a 5 per cent raise arrived too late for a decision.

Strike dates

Strikes will be:

From Wednesday 24 August to Thursday 1 September

From Wednesday September 7 to Saturday September 10

And now?

The council said: “Uncertainty around staff availability means we cannot say on any given day which bins will or will not be emptied.

“For this reason, our advice to residents and our business customers is to take your bin out before 7am on your usual collection day, but bring it back if it is not emptied at the end of the day.

“If your bin hasn’t been emptied, don’t take it out until your next scheduled collection day as we won’t have the resources to make up for lost time.”

Which services will be impacted?

The council said that “although the full impact of this is unknown”, it is “likely” that at least 10 services will be affected on strike days.

They understand:

  • Garbage collection services (green bins) (residential and professional)
  • Collection services for recyclable materials (blue bins) (residential and commercial)
  • Food waste collections (Inverness only)
  • Garden waste collections
  • Household waste recycling centers
  • Bulky waste collections
  • Waste transfer stations
  • Street cleaning, including garbage cans
  • Fly dump collections
  • Bin deliveries

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