From ‘Cringe level 0-100’; THIS viral tool could create inspirational advice posts for your Linkedin account, make you an influencer

Not just for killing the Monday blues, social media is great for people looking for inspirational examples. From the boss hiring a candidate with a higher salary than promised, to employees posting easy furlough grants, the job search and professional networking platform has been the haunt of many hard-to-believe stories.

Are you tired of staring at those sugar-laden motivational quotes on LinkedIn? If you found such interesting and newsworthy stories, you can create something yourself. How? Thanks to Viral Post Generator, the feature focuses on delivering perfect content for your posts with the support of AI. However, you could be a quirky influencer on LinkedIn using this tool. Interestingly, it even allows users to choose the level of cringe on messages from 0 to 100!

Pretty hilarious? Not only that, it also has advanced settings under “more options”. For those who would like to have fun on social networks, the application seems essential.

The Viral Post Generator launch message read, “After analyzing over 100,000 viral posts on Linkedin, this AI can now write a commendable post – based on YOUR boring life.” Later, the tool also suggested that it was a simple tool that could make you a “Linkedin influencer”. “Share it at your own risk,” was the incredible final punch.

The man behind VPG is Israel-based Tom Orbach, whose Linkedin bio reads, “I love conducting growth experiments and testing new channels. Viral marketing is my cup of tea.”

People have already started talking about it. A Twitter user (associated with Grammarly) called it “favorite part of the week” while sharing the feature on the microblogging website.

When people tried the AI ​​tool, here’s what they found. Check out some other reactions from Twitterati:

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