Freeze Your Eggs: Worst Advice Ever

“This is absolutely appalling – possibly the worst advice ever,” said Ruth Institute President Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D., of actress Mindy Kaling, recommending young women to freeze their eggs. “It’s wrong on so many levels.”

In an interview with teen fashion magazine Marie ClaireKaling said paying to have her eggs frozen is the perfect gift for a college coeducational house.

“I wish every 19-year-old girl would come home from college and the gift…instead of buying them jewelry or a vacation or whatever – is that their parents would take them to freeze their eggs…They could do it once and have all those eggs for them, for their future.

Kaling had two children this way in her late thirties and raves about the process: “It was the best part of my life.

Morse noted, “As Naomi Schaefer Riley, senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, wrote in the Desert News, Kaling forgot a few salient details. The procedure is dubious at best. According to the Centers for Disease Control, only about a fifth of these painful and expensive procedures actually result in a live birth. Other sources put the odds closer to 11%. »

“And that’s not the worst,” Morse continued. “It takes the father completely out of the picture. It makes single parenthood the ideal. It ignores the reality that children raised by single parents are more likely to have a number of social pathologies, addiction to mental health issues.

“At best, you have children raised without the love and direction of a father. At worst, you have another human tragedy. Is it fair for the child? Of course not, but in these situations it’s all about adult desires. The children are on the margins of their history.

“The best advice you can give a 19-year-old woman is to take her time and put in the effort to find the type of man she wants to marry and have kids with,” Morse urged.

“But, of course, in a teenage fashion magazine, you wouldn’t find such ‘uncool’ advice.”

How this woman survived the ritual abuse of a pastor

The latest Dr. J Show features Rachel Mastrogiacomo, a victim of rape by a priest during a private mass. Find out how Rachel was slowly healed by this highly manipulative man, how she eventually overcame this trauma, and how she is now using her experience to help others who have been in similar situations.

Be warned that this interview is distressing.

Rachel was targeted for a slow and calculated grooming process that lasted ten months. “I was completely overwhelmed psychologically by him. There was no way out,” Rachel says. “He convinced me that it was God’s will. my holiness depended on it.

“He armed everything. He understood me: the deep places in my heart that were hurting,” Rachel says of the process. “He told me that I would be a bride of Christ and a spiritual mother for priests. He took everything I really cared about…and weaponized it.

Watch to learn more about grooming: what it involves and what to watch out for. Also find out how this now secular priest also manipulated Rachel’s family and friends, normalizing his behavior so that everyone around Rachel believed he was a trustworthy man, even despite what she told them. said.

When Rachel broke the story years later by writing an article about it, many women contacted her saying it was like they were reading their own story, that their abuser was following the same playbook. “Something systemic is going on,” says Rachel.

Watch until the end to hear Dr. J explain something everyone can do to help their friends and loved ones deal with trauma.

Watch this intense interview on YouTube, BitChute, Odysee or Rumble.

Girlboss, interrupted

Dr. Morse was interviewed on Helen Roy’s podcast, Girlboss, Interrupted, about her book, sexual state. Morse exposes the toxic ideologies of the sexual revolution that destroy families and society:

  • Contraceptive ideology: separating sex from procreation.
  • The ideology of divorce: separating sex and procreation from marriage.
  • Gender ideology: eliminating distinctions between men and women.

sexual state answer the questions:

  • Did the sexual revolution sweep through society like a senseless force of nature, or did powerful people actively encourage it?
  • Why is the propaganda of the sexual revolution so relentless?
  • Do children have the right to be born into an intact family with both parents?
  • Does contraception prevent abortion or does it fuel it?
  • Are men and women really different? Does it matter?

We need to reaffirm the differences between men and women, Morse says, as well as the need for children to have a relationship with both biological parents. Marriage is the only thing that protects the rights of children.

Watch the full interview here. Get your copy of sexual state here.

Third-Party Reproduction Ruins Children’s Lives

In a recent interview with Jordan Peterson on the Dave Rubin Podcast, Peterson applauded Rubin’s decision to make children for himself and his male partner. Dr. Morse and Fr. Rob Jack discuss the inevitably tragic consequences of in vitro fertilization and other forms of reproduction by third parties in this podcast.

Listen to learn why efforts to help people “self-realize” are morally wrong and an attack on the inherent rights of children.

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