Expert advice on how to try bleached brows

Bleach is the most wanted hair essential of 2022. You can quote us on that! A platinum blonde mane is a common sight among color lovers. The two-tone or even tri-color hairstyle is today a technique widely used by colorists to bring dull and boring hair back to life. Adventures with bleach are becoming very popular regardless of age groups or genders. For our part, we are very happy.

Like design, jet black and brown hair doesn’t leave much room for many color experiments. But with quality bleach and after bleach care products bombarding the market, this has opened up a whole new world for many. And not just with hair, bleached eyebrows are also gaining ground. Last year, Maisie Williams stunned everyone with her bleached look at the MET, and since then, we’ve seen plenty of brow experiments happen. But will bleached brows suit Indian skin tone and features? Here’s what Jamie Long, Lead Brow Stylist at HD Brows, has to say about it.

Discolored eyebrows, how to do
Senior Brow Stylist at HD Brows, Jamie Long

ELLE: What do you think made bleached brows all the rage among beauty enthusiasts?

J: We’re used to seeing bleached brows on the catwalk, but with Kendall Jenner and Lizzo sporting the look more recently, people now want to recreate those looks and get creative with their looks.

ELLE: Can brunettes rock bleached brows with their natural hair color?

J: Absolutely! You can rock any brow look you want. With bleached brows, there are so many looks you can create; it’s not just about the completely bleached look. For the bold and confident, bleached brows work with any hair color. If you don’t feel quite ready to go for such a change in the look of your eyebrows, try lightening up a few shades and see what you think. I have dark brown hair and even had to try the look on myself last weekend. It’s a bold style and something I might choose to wear for a big occasion, but I definitely wouldn’t wear it as an everyday look.

ELLE: For beginners, how do you go about bleaching your eyebrows for the first time?

J: It may seem quite simple and straightforward to bleach your eyebrows after watching a TikTok, but I advise against it and recommend consulting a professional. The bleaching process can not only pull brows to a warm yellow, red, or orange tone, but also dry out brows and potentially cause skin irritation if not used properly. Your local #BrowBoss will be able to give you the brow transformation you want without any DIY disasters.

ELLE: Can discolored eyebrows be associated with all kinds of makeup?

J: Bleached brows can be paired with any makeup look, from a statement look to something softer and more natural. Beauty is about expressing your own personal style.

HER: Indian women with jet black hair might be afraid to completely bleach their eyebrows. What level of lift would you suggest they get – one that complements dark hair and lets them get a taste of the trend?

J: Still not convinced bleached brows are for you? I recommend asking your local #BrowBoss professional to lift your brows a shade or two to give you a taste of the trend. It might not be the bleached brow look we saw on the runway, but lightening up a few shades can help soften the overall look of your brows, and then you can go even further if you feel like take the plunge.

ELLE: Are there after-care tips for maintaining discolored eyebrows?

J: Brow whitening follow-up is vital. Imagine bleaching your hair and not using conditioner! Using products such as HD Brows Brow Miracle Daily Conditioner will help keep brows conditioned, hydrated and feeling healthy and smooth. For extra hydration, use HD brows SOS Rescue Eyebrow Balm as an overnight eyebrow mask (yes, that’s a thing).

Pictures: Instagram