Elvis Movie Star Reveals The Best Acting Advice Tom Hanks Gave Him

Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis star Austin Butler reveals the advice he got from co-star Tom Hanks on taking on such a demanding role.

Austin Butler, star of Baz Luhrmann Elvis, reveals the best advice he received from co-star Tom Hanks. One of the most anticipated releases of this summer, Elvis will tell the story of Elvis Presley’s rise to fame and detail the rock and roll singer’s complicated relationship with his manager, Colonel Tom Parker. Butler will star in the film.

Oscar winner Hanks takes on the role of Parker alongside an ensemble cast of Kodi Smit-McPhee, Olivia DeJonge and Dacre Montgomery. Luhrmann’s commitment to the project was confirmed in 2014, with the film having been in development for several years prior. The director, whose previous credits include Gatsby the magnificent and Red Mill!, teamed up with writers Sam Bromell, Craig Pearce and Jeremy Doner to bring Elvis‘ on the big screen, with the film officially set to hit theaters on June 24.


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In a recent interview with QG, Butler opened up about how all-consuming it can be to take on a role of such caliber and revealed the helpful advice his co-star Hanks offered him. After approaching Hanks, Butler revealed his advice was simply that he should read something every day that’s entirely disconnected from the project he’s involved in. Butler shared what he felt like Hanks’ advice “gave him permissionas he had surrounded himself with Elvis-centric media up to that point. Check out Butler’s full quote below.

[Hanks’ advice was] “Every day I try to read something that has nothing to do with the job I do.” This gave me permission, because until then I only read everything about Elvis. I only listened to Elvis. It was the influences of Elvis and Elvis himself and nothing else.

Austin Butler in pink Elvis suit reaching the crowd

Elvis looks set to land Butler’s starring role, after a string of guest appearances on projects such as Carrie’s notebooks and Once upon a time in… Hollywood. The young star has previously opened up about his personal connection to the role: he and Presley sadly lost their mother aged just 23, and Butler revealed that his audition for the part involved him singing “Unchained Melody” in honor of him. from his mother. Presley’s daughter, Lisa Marie, and his ex-wife, Priscilla, praised Butler’s performance in Elvis, the first having judged the portrayal of the star worthy of an Oscar.

With a huge amount of accolades under his belt and years of experience in the industry, it’s certainly no surprise that Hanks was Butler’s first port of call when it came to getting advice on how to get started. tackle such an important role. Butler’s dedication to his character is evident and from what’s been teased so far, his performance could definitely be one for the books. With Elvis Set to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival this week, it won’t be long before early reviews for Luhrmann’s latest project start rolling in online.

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Source: GQ

  • Elvis (2022)Release date: June 24, 2022

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