Elon Musk’s advice to his younger self: There’s “some merit” in not being “too intense” – Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA)

To Tesla, Inc. TSLA AI Day 2022 held on Friday evening, Elon Musk Deftly dealt with all the questions put to him, but one of them left him a little puzzled and was looking for an answer.

One of the attendees asks what are some of the things Musk would like to do if he goes back to his 20s and what advice he would give his younger self.

He stopped, thoughtful for a moment, and rolling his eyes upward, he said “I’m trying to find something useful.”

Joining Tesla would be one thing, he said.

Musk also said he would try to expose himself to as many smart people as possible and read lots of books. Afterwards, he said he did, though.

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“I think there’s some merit in not necessarily being too intense, like enjoying the moment a little more,” the billionaire said.

“I would say at 20 something that I would stop and smell the roses once in a while would probably be a good idea,” he added.

Recalling an incident when SpaceX was developing the Falcon 1 rocket on a beautiful island, he said the whole time he hadn’t been drinking on the beach.

“I should have had a drink on the beach. It would have been nice,” he added.

Photo: Created with an image by Steve Jurvetson on flickr