Eide Bailly & Conservis team up to deliver next-gen on-farm advice

Agriculture industry leaders collaborate to bridge the gap between digital agricultural data and financial information

MINNEAPOLIS, August 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Conservis, a global leader in solutions-based farm management systems (FMS), and Eide Baillya top 25 CPA and consulting firm, announces a partnership to promote a better understanding of the benefits of optimizing agricultural data and associated on-farm financial decision-making strategies.

The revolution in agricultural data beyond spreadsheets is here to stay. Conservis provides customers with real-time farm-wide farm data, including per-acre and per-bushel splits, revenue by crop, and instant snapshots of grain contracts.

“CPA companies can help producers get the most value from agricultural data,” said Scott Schmidt, Vice President of Business Development and Partnerships of Conservis. “When a grower shares their FMS data, it enables the CPA to provide better-informed, more comprehensive information that improves tax planning and optimizes results.

Producers can share timely reports with their CPAs on anything from inventory to land rental expenses, providing a complete financial picture. Preserved and Eide Bailly believe that accurate and insightful financial advice requires this type of data provided by an FMS.

“Growers are fantastic at taking care of their crops,” said Steve Troyer, Eide Bailly CPA, Partner in charge of agricultural producers. “Why should they spend extra hours on paperwork and accounting? CPAs can help them interpret their FMS data, enabling them to make timely and informed decisions.”

Collaboration is an opportunity to bridging the gap between agricultural data and agricultural decisions while emphasizing the unique strengths of both organizations. With real-time data from Conservis, Eide Bailly can help clients better interpret data, perform analysis, and ultimately improve their financial decisions.

About Eide Bailly

Eide Bailly is one of the top 25 accountants and consulting firms. The firm’s CPAs and business advisors work with clients to imagine what is possible and bring that vision to life when planning in an ever-changing environment, navigating complex compliance requirements, optimizing operations, by investing in digital transformation and simply asking what comes next.

About Conservis

Preserved is a global powerhouse in farm management software, providing row and perennial crop growers with the digital tools and information needed to succeed. Web and mobile platforms offer comprehensive planning tools, real-time data capture, and insightful analytics to support better decision-making and effective reporting.

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