Cody Rhodes Says John Cena Gave Him Advice For Handling Polarizing Audience Backlash

Cody Rhodes says John Cena helped him when he was struggling with “recent” polarizing public backlash.

John Cena is perhaps the most polarizing WWE Superstar of all time. Dueling chants of “Let’s go Cena” and “Cena sucks” became a staple of WWE events throughout the majority of the 2010s. John Cena was never bothered by it. it was always said that as long as the crowd made noise and voiced their opinions, John was doing his job.

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Now, John Cena is looking to pass on that wisdom to other talents who may face a similar polarizing backlash as wrestling audiences become more opinionated and less likely to react in a strictly script-based way ahead. him.

Cody Rhodes faced a similar backlash at the end of his tenure with AEW. Cody has become a very polarizing wrestler and has even jokingly “leaned into it” with golden spades and Pedigree teasing on occasion.

Cody Rhodes, in a recent WWE digital video where WWE Superstars explain the best advice John Cena ever gave them, revealed that John Cena gave Cody Rhodes advice in a “recent” time when polarization from the public was something that Cody had to actively manage. In true John Cena fashion, John helped by requiring the performer to analyze his own feelings and see what he could do to at least make sure the audience was invested.

“The best advice John Cena ever gave me was twofold,” Cody started. “The first thing was pretty recent, I was going through a period of polarization in my career. We were getting, for the first time, something like, ‘Let’s go Cody, Cody sucks.’ eloquence to be honest with myself as to why a crowd would react this way. Look in the mirror and if you feel you are doing the right thing, keep doing it.

The second piece of advice is if the crowd starts making noise in any capacity, start clapping, start tapping your feet. If they want you to retaliate, something, anything, you have to reward them,” Cody added. “You have to give them something, whether it’s just for you, or it just shows the right intention, there has to be something.”

John Cena also wishes he could apply the same knowledge about audience rewards and give him a reason to care about his own WWE debut, which was twenty years ago. He said so recently in another WWE digital exclusive. Learn more here.

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