CEO’s advice to freshmen to work 18-hour days sparks huge outrage

Shantanu Deshpande, founder and managing director of Bombay Shaving Company, has been harshly criticized on social media for his post on LinkedIn on Tuesday which advised freshmen to work 18-hour days instead of seeking work-life balance and told them “don’t do random rona-dhona (cribbing)”.

Deshpande wrote that when you are 22 and start in your job, get into it.

“Eat well and stay fit, but work 18-hour days for at least 4-5 years,” he advised.

“Don’t do random rona-dhona. Take it on the chin and be relentless. You’ll be much better at it,” Deshpande added.

The post sparked a chain reaction on social media platforms, with youngsters criticizing the CEO of Bombay Shaving Company for his comments.

“People like you are the reason workers are quitting in droves. You and your company deserve to crumble,” one LinkedIn user replied.

“In a generation of knowledge workers, I wonder when we’ll stop equating hours with output/results. This is no longer an industrial revolution with factory workers,” another posted.

One Twitter user said: “Why stop at 18? Why not work 24 or 48 hours straight and build even more ‘flex’? That way you won’t even have to take it only on your chin, but all over your body and mind too.”

Deshpande posted that he sees a lot of young people watching random content everywhere and convincing themselves that “work-life balance, spending time with family, rejuvenation” is important.

“I do, but not so soon. So soon, love your job. Either way. The flex you build in the first 5 years of your career carries you for the rest,” he said. -he writes.

After facing criticism, he later wrote that “so much hate for 18-hour days” but “it’s a proxy for ‘giving it your all and more'”.

“For those who are wondering about the culture at BSC (Bombay Shaving Company), please feel free to come anytime or talk to any of our staff,” he added.



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