“Bad advice”: Samuda in the second round of the “waters” declaration in the House

Labor and Social Security Minister Karl Samuda told parliament on Tuesday that the water supply had been “largely” restored as part of ongoing negotiations with representatives of some 2,000 Commission employees. Water Authority (NWC). relied on the (bad) advice given to him.

The minister admitted his mistake at the start of Wednesday’s sitting of the House of Representatives shortly after 2 p.m.

While answering a question from St Catherine Southern MP Fitz Jackson on the adjournment motion during Tuesday afternoon’s sitting of the House, Samuda said water had largely been restored throughout the country.

“I was led to believe, before making the statement (Tuesday), that there had been an attempt to take over, and that all the water networks in the country were not turned off. not be the case. But, when I made that statement, it was based on the advice I received,” he said Wednesday afternoon.

Samuda acknowledged that the vast majority of water supply systems across the country have been out of service since Tuesday “and so far”.

He said Prime Minister Andrew Holness or Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Security Dr Horace Chang would make a statement “based on the steps taken to ensure that certain critically important systems, affecting sensitive areas of our country, are reopened and their access has been made possible thanks to the use of the security forces”.

The labor minister said talks resumed at the labor and social security ministry at 10 a.m. on Wednesday with the various parties as efforts continue to resolve the water supply issue.

He said he was confident there would be a breakthrough soon.

Water utility workers summarily walked off the job on Tuesday morning to protest the prolonged delay in a job reclassification exercise involving them, and are also said to have been concerned about their perceived non-inclusion in the sector’s wage review process current audience.

Meanwhile, the ongoing strike is said to affect many critical institutions including schools and hospitals.

Members of the Jamaica Defense Force (JDF) were deployed on Wednesday to assist available NWC personnel in restoring water supplies to these critical institutions.