As Arnold Schwarzenegger turns 75, actor reflects on his father’s advice that stuck with him

After being in Hollywood for over five decades, Arnold Schwarzenegger has risen to the pinnacle of entertainment more than once. But he has reached another more personal milestone: his 75th birthday. While many celebrities rejoiced to have reached the milestone, Schwarzenegger was thinking about the world around him. As his birthday approached, the screen legend reflected on his father’s advice that stuck with him.

Before entering his 75th year of life, the action legend decided to set some goals. Having achieved multiple accomplishments during his decades in the spotlight, the goals of his landmark year were ambitious and grounded. Two goals stand out from the rest of the newsletter from its official website with their simple and enjoyable goal. This year, Schwarzenegger wanted to be kinder and promote acts of kindness to celebrate his milestone year.

In a sense the terminator star wanted to accomplish these goals by only engaging in useful things. While talking about economics, Arnold Schwarzenegger pointed out that Blockbuster isn’t buying a fledgling Netflix as an example of not living in the past, but of finding purpose even during downtime. He shot at the negativity spawned by social media and entertainment to make money before highlighting how a quote from his late father helped him find his true purpose. In his words:

My dad always said, “Be helpful, Arnold.” When I was young, I listened, but it didn’t mean as much as it means now. 75 years of life have taught me that means everything. Once I realized I had more fun coaching Special Olympics athletes than lifting trophies and enjoying spending time with kids in after-school programs rather than walking red carpets, everything clicked. Being helpful gives us all a purpose.

Arnold Schwarzenegger believed that using his lens goes beyond the workplace. He even pushed fans to improve through personal activities. The action star offered to ask “How can I help?” rather than “How can I hurt?”

Spreading kindness is his main goal, as Schwarzenegger reminisced about a time when he served as motivation for several users on Reddit. His motivational words had such an impact that users eventually started doing it for each other without his help. The real lies The actor mentioned that social media has made users anti-social before asking fans to take a step back before posting anything negative online. After speaking out about battling negativity online, the Hollywood icon begged her followers to spread the kindness while wondering if they were adding to the toxicity online. As he said:

I want us to realize that real power comes from kindness. Every day I see examples on the internet of people saying things to other people that they would never, ever say to a living human being. Social media was meant to bring us all together. It certainly did not happen. It’s easy to blame Facebook and Twitter, but it’s harder to look in the mirror. An algorithm can show you things that bring out the worst in you, but it can’t really bring out the worst without your participation. There’s a moment when you get to choose how you react, and too many of us huff for that brief amount of time with our thumbs pounding to dunk on our imaginary enemies.

To promote acts of kindness, the 75-year-old actor asked his followers to go out of their way to be helpful to others, including carrying someone’s groceries, helping stray animals or reading to children. He even suggested they work on their health so they can be with their families longer. Schwarzenegger then reminded readers that the act doesn’t have to be grand, but rather impactful in someone’s life.

Promoting kindness for his 75th year seemed like a lesser task. Hopefully, fans can see his acts of kindness, much like The Rock’s string of sweet gestures. Small gestures appeared to be on the table as he received a sweet birthday present from his son-in-law Chris Pratt in the form of cigars.

Taking this break was necessary after Arnold Schwarzenegger’s busy year. He is currently filming a new series for Netflix with stars from Agents of SHIELD and Office like his fellow actors like the Twins after Triplets starring Danny DeVito is currently postponed following the death of director Ivan Reitman earlier this year. While there isn’t much on the Schwarzenegger front for 2022, there are several upcoming movies coming the rest of the year.