Alexforbes focuses on Insight, Advice & Impact

The Alexforbes brand activates a new corporate identity that is fresher, more inclusive and representative of our purpose, which is to be a pioneer in providing advice and solutions that impact people’s lives. Aligned with the various corporate transactions our company has recently undertaken, the rebranding is another step towards our vision of becoming the most impactful financial advice provider for individual clients and institutional clients.

Our brand now captures our company DNA, which is based on our belief that deeper understanding enables us to meaningfully help our customers achieve their goals. The brand simplifies our promise to our customers; unifies our customer value proposition across our range of services; and amplifies our purpose to all stakeholders.

It represents in a pragmatic way who we are, why we exist and how we add value.

Our business has significant latent potential to help people, but our efforts to connect with customers have been hampered over the years by a general lack of awareness and understanding of what we do and, more importantly, of how we can change their lives.

To provide peace of mind, we must first have peace of mind. Our brand campaign therefore plays a vital role and aims to spark interest and curiosity about how Alexforbes can impact their lives so that they can benefit from our pioneering vision and sound financial advice.

Our refreshed brand and its integration into the way we present ourselves at all touchpoints as Alexforbes represents that we are a goal-oriented financial services provider obsessed with the impact we have through the successful execution of our daily work. In a crowded market where customers are bombarded with abstract marketing messages, jargon and noise; we’ve simplified our promise to customers so they can understand what we do and what they can expect from us – Insight, Advice & Impact.

Ultimately, the Alexforbes value chain exists to make a difference in people’s lives by reducing financial stress levels, creating wealth, improving physical and mental health, and positively impacting society and the planet. Our range of capabilities combined with our differentiators uniquely positions us at the intersection of various trends that we are able to leverage these to benefit our clients.

Our new brand is built on the principle of connection and explicitly depicts the Connector icon as a symbol of positive intention and caring. It represents an open invitation to engage, participate and build change together. The Connector manifests the role Alexforbes plays in people’s lives by connecting them to their aspirations, well-being, heritage…and so much more.

In an environment where too many people are too far removed from the impact of their choices, Alexforbes connects the reality of tomorrow with the aspirations of today. DM/BM

Author: Viresh Maharaj, executive: strategy and customer experience