Advice on life and health insurance at LifeCovered Limited as well as clear comparisons of insurance products

Founded in 2018, LifeCovered helps families, self-employed people and business owners protect what matters most. It simplifies the complicated. Lifetime cash flow modeling is at the heart of the life insurance financial advice offered by this digital insurance brokerage.

According to advertisements published by LifeCovered Limited and Willi Olsen, the life insurance providers compared by this online brokerage are among the most reliable and fair in the country. Family insurance adjusters help clients evaluate and get life insurance quotes, complete paperwork and ensure quick approval. Customers do not pay any fees; LifeCovered Limited’s insurance brokers negotiate the best possible terms for their clients.

LifeCovered Limited saves its clients time by handling the tedious research and complex aspects of obtaining insurance approval. His website is a great resource for those looking for the best policy at the best price.

This New Zealand insurance brokerage company does its best to ensure that a client’s estate and family are protected in the event of an unfortunate event. This company uses expertise in insurance planning and risk management to provide family members with the right plan. An overinsured person may end up paying premiums unnecessarily, while an underinsured person may risk financial vulnerability.

LifeCovered Limited’s financial advisors understand a client’s current financial situation, identify strengths and weaknesses, and then develop a financial plan that will serve the long term. Insurance adjusters will consider cash flow, existing debt and pension plans when planning a life insurance package. They have the experience to look at the big picture; many families and businesses lack the knowledge to see beyond immediate, short-term needs.

The firm guides buyers on the type of insurance best suited to their needs – rates by age or level of life insurance. Insurance buyers can contact this company in person or digitally via Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and by phone.

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Willi Olsen of LifeCovered Limited said, “Founded in 2018, LifeCovered helps families, self-employed people and business owners protect what matters most. Lifetime cash flow modeling is at the heart of our life insurance financial advice. And we don’t complicate the complicated.

Cash flow modeling is used to forecast your financial future. This is a snapshot of your current financial situation based on your assets, investments, debts, income, and year-over-year expenses. Charts give us a visual understanding and show you how much money you could have in the future and if you are on track to achieve your goals.

In short, this allows us to ask ourselves the three main questions:

What happens if…?
Will I be okay if…?
Can we afford to…?

By building a model based on your wealth, assets and liabilities, now and in the future, we can get real insight into how life events impact you and your family. We can build a financial roadmap and take into account certain assumptions along the way: disability, retirement options, weddings, downsizing, vacations, mom and dad’s bank, nursing home costs, etc.

Clients of this specialist life insurance advisor include business owners and established professionals, including accountants, architects, doctors, engineers, lawyers and IT professionals.

About the company:

LifeCovered Limited compares life and health insurance companies in New Zealand and helps customers select the plans that are best for them. His recommendations and suggestions are based on the client’s needs and budget. This is an unbiased brokerage that values ​​a client’s trust.

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