A man who called his family in Ireland for advice after killing Lee Murrell (29) is sentenced to life in prison

Jevgenijs Lapkovskis’ family visited a Garda station where Gardai alerted Essex Police

A court heard how in April Jevgenijs Lapkovskis (36) called his family and said “I think I killed someone”.

His family urged him to contact emergency services but he feared ruining his career and life.

After receiving the frantic phone call, his family reported the incident to An Garda Siochana, who informed Essex Police.

The police then rushed to an address in Brentwood where they discovered the body of Lee Murrell (29).

Despite attempts to treat him for his serious injuries, Murrell was sadly pronounced dead at the scene.

Lapkovskis, of Warley Hill, Brentwood, was arrested at the scene and later charged with murder.

He initially claimed it was self-defense and pleaded not guilty to murder.

Prosecutors described the attack on Lee as a “serious and sustained assault” as various objects, including a vacuum hose and a bottle, were used.

Toxicological tests showed that the two men had consumed alcohol and cocaine.

However, at the start of his trial at Basildon Crown Court, Lapkovskis pleaded guilty.

Friday, October 7 he was sentenced to life behind bars with a minimum of 14 years.

Lead investigator, Chief Detective Inspector Antony Alcock, said Lapkovskis had no choice but to admit what he had done.

“My thoughts are with Lee’s family. No conviction will ever bring him back but I hope today’s result helps them move forward.

“Jevgenijs Lapkovskis had denied murdering Lee, but such was the weight of the evidence against which we had compiled during our thorough investigation, he had no choice but to admit what he did.”

“He now faces a life sentence and a long prison term.”

In a statement, Lee’s family said, “Today we finally have justice for Lee.”

“After six grueling months of waiting to see if we would have to endure an emotional and grueling trial and waiting to find out why Lee’s life was needlessly and tragically taken, we didn’t get all the answers we wanted and can. -be that we will never get.”

“We would like to thank Essex Police, the justice system and support services who have all worked so hard for Lee with absolute determination and dedication,” they continued.

“Without their efforts, I fear an extremely dangerous individual will be free to walk the streets.”

“Thank you for giving us time to grieve as we try to rebuild our lives.”