Change of light and gas supplier without worries

In one of the previous articles I wanted to give an overview of the current situation of the energy market in Italy. As already pointed out, many users fail to take advantage of the advantages offered by market liberalization for various reasons, including the lack of adequate information to evaluate offers , past experiences that have not highlighted the expected savings, the fear of incurring disruptions.

These guides and the articles of this blog have the aim of creating more informed and informed users so that they can evaluate serenely for their own energy savings, making the right choices.

When you can change supplier

When you can change supplier

You must know that it is always possible for the end customer to terminate the supply contract in advance, whether you are a home user or a business user. Let’s see what the authority says for electricity and gas. The withdrawal is governed by Resolution 144/2007 that the Authority issued pursuant to Decree Law No. 73/2003 which devolved the task of regulating the issue.

It provides that companies or individuals who have never made the transition to the free market can withdraw from the contract with one month’s notice.

If the customer has already made the transition to the free market in the past , we must distinguish between:

  • Domestic customer who can exercise the right of withdrawal at any time always with one month’s notice.
  • Small businesses (powered by low voltage and / or gas consumption not exceeding 200 thousand square meters / year) who can exercise the right of withdrawal at any time with a three month notice
  • Other companies that may exercise the right of withdrawal at any time with a three-month notice for annual and six-month contracts for contracts with a duration of more than one year

Even if not for long, because as we said in the previous article the protected market is destined to be eliminated by 2018, the customer can still decide at any time to go back to the protected market. In this case the necessary notice is one month

What happens after the signing of the new supply contract

What happens after the signing of the new supply contract

When you decide to change supplier and sign the contract, the new operator will take care of all the procedures for the withdrawal of the previous contract. Depending on the timing previously seen, it will take between one and six months to complete the transition and during this period you will continue to receive billing from the previous provider. In any case you will receive a confirmation letter from the new operator in which you are notified of the acceptance of your request to join the contract and in which an activation date will be indicated. This date, I tell you from experience, can be more or less truthful depending on the companies. In some cases, they may take slightly longer time than expected, while in others they are respected exactly. In any case, no problem … You will continue to pay the old supplier until the passage is completed and at that point you will start the billing with the new one. You may receive an additional adjustment invoice from the old supplier, although it is already in supply with the new one, if all the consumption of the last invoice received has not been counted.

You must know that in any case there is a time of 14 days from the signing of the contract within which you can always exercise your right to rethink.

If you have signed the contract out of the supplier’s business premises, make sure that the seller provides you with a copy of the signed contract or the confirmation of the contract on paper or other durable medium that allows you to store information (such as an email or a CD); for distance contracts the seller will have to give you the contract confirmation (on a durable medium) before the supply starts. For contracts concluded by telephone, know that the offer must also be confirmed to the consumer, who will be bound only after having signed it or otherwise accepted according to the provisions of the Consumer Code.

Some final advice

I want to finish this article leaving you with some quick tips:

  1. Beware of the sellers that you expect savings without having analyzed in detail your bill
  2. Beware of sellers who do not leave the general conditions and economic conditions of the contract that you propose
  3. Beware of the excessively low cover prices of the companies because sometimes there are additional hidden costs that can only be deduced from the form from the economic conditions
  4. Ask for clarifications on everything that you did not fully understand so that you do not have doubts before signing
  5. Evaluate the economic conditions of other suppliers at least at each contractual term because the market is very mobile and you could find much more advantageous rates from one year to another.



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